5 Best Dual Pc Cases (Tested) 2023

Are you looking for the perfect PC case that can accommodate both your standard desktop computer and your laptop? Or maybe you’re looking for a case that can be used by two people at once? If so, then you’ll want to take a look at some of the best dual PC cases on the market today.

Dual PC cases are special enclosures that give you the convenience of using your desktop computer and your laptop simultaneously. You can use one or both monitors at the same time, which gives you more flexibility in what you can do.

You can have a video chat going on one monitor while writing a report on the other one, for example. Or you can work on a project with a group while keeping an eye on your email or social media account.

These cases come in all shapes and sizes, so there’s sure to be one that fits your needs. Whether you’re looking for a high-end gaming PC or a powerful workstation, one of these cases will fit your needs.

So read on to learn more about each option and find the perfect dual pc case for your needs. Check out our list of seven of the best dual PC cases below!

At a Glance:

5 Best Dual Pc Cases

DesignPC CasesRetailer
1. Phanteks Evolv X Dual System Case
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Best Pick2. Corsair Obsidian Series 1000D Super Tower
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Staff Pick3.Thermaltake Core W200
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Budget Pick4. Phanteks Enthoo 719
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5. T-WINGS Chassis – CMT710
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1. Phanteks Evolv X Dual System Case

The first case we’ll be looking at is the Phanteks Evolv X, a sleek and attractive dual PC case. It has a tempered glass side panel so you can show off your build, and it can hold two complete systems with up to 20 fans for optimal airflow. This enclosure is compatible with both E-ATX and XL-ATX motherboards, which gives you plenty of configuration options to choose from. 

The Phanteks Evolv X has a sleek and stylish look, but it’s also very functional. This case has USB 3.1 Gen 2 Type-C ports for super-fast data transfer, along with a vertical GPU mount that lets you show off your graphics card in style. It even includes a removable PSU shroud to help hide your cables and make your build look clean and professional.

Plus, the tempered glass side panel gives you easy access to all of the components in your system without having to remove multiple panels or unscrew anything. This case is perfect if you want something that looks cool while also offering plenty of configuration options and great airflow.

There’s also room for as many as 13 hard drives in this case––perfect for those who want plenty of storage space! Phanteks also includes an adapter that enables you to mount a reservoir outside of the chassis if you wish, which is always a nice option to have.

This PC case only requires two fans for temperature control, which makes it a better choice than some competing dual PC cases that require an insane number of cooling fans. Additionally, the power supply has its dedicated compartment and there’s plenty of room to install liquid cooling systems in this case.


  • Can hold two complete systems
  • Supports both E-ATX and XL-ATX motherboards
  • Tempered glass side panel for easy access to components
  • Vertical GPU mount included for showing off your graphics card
  • Plenty of storage space with 13 hard drive bays, plus an adapter to mount a reservoir outside the chassis if you wish


  • Doesn’t come with any fans, which means you’ll need to buy some yourself.

2. Corsair Obsidian Series 1000D Super Tower

Best Pick

The second dual PC case we’re going to be looking at is the Corsair Obsidian Series 1000D. It has a very unique and futuristic design that you won’t find on any other case, and it holds two complete systems for maximum flexibility. This enclosure is compatible with E-ATX motherboards as well as XL-ATX boards, so you have plenty of configuration options for your gaming PC or workstation. 

This dual PC case comes with ten total fan mounts––three 140mm front intakes, three 120mm top exhausts, one 200mm rear exhaust, and two 140mm side intake fans located above the motherboard tray. The large side panel window gives you a great view of your build inside the system while a power supply cover hides your cables and components from view. 

There’s also a dedicated compartment for the PSU as well as separate chambers for the motherboard, power supply, and hard drives. This layout maximizes airflow by dividing things up into different sections that each have their cooling fans and intakes on the front of the case. You can mount additional liquid CPU coolers or radiators to keep all of your hardware running at an optimal temperature. 

When it comes to storage options, this case has you covered with nine total drive bays: five on top and four on the bottom––two 2.5” drive bays on top and three 3.5” drive bays on the bottom. Plus, there are mounting points within these bays so you can show off your SSDs as well as hide your hard drives.

This PC case is compatible with liquid cooling systems and it has a tempered glass side panel to give you easy access to all of the components in your build without having to remove multiple panels or unscrew anything. There’s even a wireless charging station included for Qi-enabled devices like phones and tablets!


  • Very unique and futuristic design
  • Supports E-ATX motherboards as well as XL-ATX boards
  • Plenty of fan mounts with 10 total fans
  • Dedicated PSU compartment and separate chambers 
  • Compatible with liquid cooling systems


  • Doesn’t come with any fans, so you’ll need to purchase some

3.Thermaltake Core W200

Staff Pick

Another case that comes with two complete systems is the Thermaltake Core W200. This dual PC case offers a wide selection of component support and plenty of customization options for your build. It can hold mini-ITX, micro-ATX, ATX, E-ATX, and XL-ATX motherboards so you have lots of configuration options depending on what hardware you want to use.  There are also mounting points for liquid cooling systems so you can keep your components running at optimal temperatures.

This PC case has room for two power supplies, two full-length graphics cards, up to five 3.5” hard drives, and four 2.5” SSDs or HDDs on the back of the motherboard tray. There are a total of nine fan mounts: a 200mm intake fan on the front, two 140mm exhaust fans on top, and three 120mm intakes on the side.

The tempered glass side panel gives you a great view of your components from any angle while a PSU cover hides all of your cables and hard drives from sight. This PC case comes built with cable clamps that are easily adjustable so you can tuck your cables away in just a few minutes. 

There’s also an option to mount two additional hard drives or SSDs on the back of your motherboard tray if you need more storage options. This PC case supports liquid cooling systems and is compatible with all-in-one liquid coolers. It has a great set of features that work well with high-end components, offering customizable storage options and plenty of cooling support.

If you’d rather not purchase all the fans separately, this case also offers two 200mm front intakes along with three 120mm top exhausts. The side panel window provides an excellent view of your system while the tempered glass top cover gives it a sleek look that will stand out among other cases in your gaming area or workstation. 

There are also four 120mm fans included for the bottom compartment, so you can take advantage of all that airflow to keep your power supply running at optimal levels. You don’t have to worry about tangled cables since the PSU compartment is hidden by a shroud with cable cutouts to keep everything organized. The Core W200 also has an internal USB 3.0 Type-C connection for easy front panel access on your motherboard without having to reach behind it.


  • Supports E-ATX motherboards along with smaller boards
  • Very spacious design with large window
  • Full tempered glass top cover
  • Internal USB 3.0 connector for easy access


  • Doesn’t come with any fans, so you’ll need to purchase some

4. Phanteks Enthoo 719

Budget Pick

Another sleek-looking PC case with room for two systems is the Phanteks Enthoo 719. It’s next to impossible to find a dual PC case that looks this good, offering support for motherboards up to XL-ATX along with nine expansion slots. You won’t have any issues fitting your graphics card into this bad boy either. 

That’s because the Enthoo 719 comes with three full-length PCI Express x16 slots and two PCIe x4 slots, giving you plenty of options when it comes time to pick out new hardware. This PC case has plenty of storage options too, supporting four 2.5” HDDs or SSDs along with three 3.5” hard drives or six 2.5” HDDs or SSDs.

The front panel is designed with airflow in mind, providing you with one 200mm fan along with two 140mm fans on top. It also comes installed with three 120mm fans on the side to give your graphics card enough cooling power so it doesn’t overheat. You can mount water cooling systems to the back of this PC case using the included brackets and customizing your internal fan speeds is simple thanks to its built-in fan controller.

This PC case has a PSU compartment that’s separated from the main area where you’ll be installing components. That means less clutter inside your build while giving you easy access to hidden cables. Another great feature offered by Phanteks is its tool-less expansion slots that allow you to quickly swap out your graphics card without having to use any tools.

No matter which PC case you pick, All of the options on this list are great choices for dual builds or multiple PCs in one case scenarios. You can’t go wrong with anything on this list, including the Phanteks Enthoo 719 that provides space for XL-ATX motherboards along with tons of storage and expansion options. 

If you’re looking for something easy to build into, then you should check out the Corsair 570X since it has plenty of room to work with and comes with a built-in fan controller. There’s also the Corsair 760T if you prefer tempered glass over solid side panels, giving you excellent views of all your components.


  • Supports XL-ATX motherboards and multiple GPUs
  • Tempered glass side panels along with a sleek look
  • Separate PSU compartment from the main area
  • Comes with one 200mm side fan and three 120mm front / top fans


  • No grommets for external water cooling systems

5. T-WINGS Chassis – CMT710

The T-WINGS Chassis – CMT710 is a PC case that offers a unique design for those looking to show off internal components. It’s been designed from the ground up for dual systems, giving you tons of options when it comes to where various hardware components will go. You can install an ATX or mATX motherboard as well as a full-length graphics card without any issues since there are seven expansion slots available.

While this PC case doesn’t give you support for water cooling systems, it does have two 240mm radiator mounts on top along with another 120mm mount at the rear of the unit. Those who prefer air coolers will appreciate having several fan mounts available including three 120mm fans and one 140mm fan.

You’ll find plenty of storage options with this high-end PC case, giving you the ability to install up to six 2.5” HDDs or SSDs along with two 3.5” HDD. The front panel also comes installed with one USB 3.0 port as well as one USB 2.0 port for easy access to your various peripherals and other hardware that plugs into your motherboard’s rear I/O panel.

Another nice feature is its built-in fan controller that offers up to three speeds so you can quickly adjust internal airflow depending on how hard your system works during intense gaming sessions or other tasks.

The T-WINGS Chassis – CMT710 is an excellent option you’re looking for, offering you tons of storage options, support for XL-ATX motherboards, and plenty of room to build into. It’s also easy to work with thanks to its tool-less design for your components along with additional perks like a radiator mount on the top panel, excellent ventilation throughout the chassis, LED lighting control, and more.


  •  Supports XL-ATX motherboards and multiple GPUs
  • Tool-less expansion slots 
  • Six 2.5” HDD mounts and two 3.5” HDD mounts 
  • Comes pre-installed with two 120mm fans 
  • Dedicated fan controller


  • No built-in water cooling support

Buying Factors of  best dual pc cases

There are several factors involved when picking the best dual PC case for your needs, including ease of use, cost, airflow options, and more.

When it comes to ease of use, look for something that has excellent cable management options that allow you to secure your various cables to keep internal airflow optimal. Additional perks include additional storage mounts if you need several hard drives or SSDs along with room for mounting fans and radiators without any issues.

Since the cost of each PC case is different, make sure you do your research before picking one up since there are budget-friendly cases available alongside high-end models. You also want to make sure the case offers an appropriate amount of airflow options so your components stay cool during intense gaming sessions or other CPU-intensive tasks. Dual systems require ample cooling support if you plan on overclocking your hardware components while some models only provide one built-in fan controller.

Make sure you pick a case that offers USB 3.0 support along with enough room for your various components, including GPUs and other expansions cards without any compatibility issues. There are several models available that come pre-installed with fans along with additional options if you want to install a radiator or fans later on down the line so keep this in mind when looking at various PC cases from different manufacturers.

In addition, pay attention to where storage mounts are located within the chassis as some models provide an optimal amount of drive space while others have less bays available for installing HDDs or SSDs. You also want to find a PC case that has ample cable management options since these can be easily obstructed by loose cables regardless of how well you secure them.

Finally, consider the internal layout of both PC cases as some models have a more open design that allows for better airflow throughout while others have an obstructed layout with various components located closer together. Those who want to install water cooling systems may have difficulty picking a unit if there’s limited space between expansion card slots so be sure to consider your options carefully before pulling the trigger on a new model.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a dual system PC case?

A dual system PC case is just like any other computer case, allowing you to install both an ATX motherboard and a Mini-ITX motherboard at the same time. These are excellent options for those who want enhanced overall performance or extra storage support alongside their existing PC.

Which is the best dual PC case for radiators?

The Corsair Obsidian Series 1000D chassis offers more than enough room for installing thick radiators, including triple 120mm or double 140mm options. This model also has excellent airflow with an additional mount located behind the motherboard tray to support radiators, something that’s very common with modern PC cases.

What are the best dual chassis options?

If you’re looking for an affordable option, check out the Corsair Carbide Series Air 740 which is a mid-tower style model designed to accommodate both Mini-ITX and Micro ATX motherboards. In addition, this PC case has support for up to six 120mm fans in order to keep your hardware components cool while offering convenient cable management options.

Final words on best dual pc cases

Dual PC cases are excellent options for gamers who want more processing power or need additional storage support, making them a powerful component in any gaming rig. You simply need to select a model that offers the best airflow and cooling support while still maintaining an affordable price tag.

These cases can help you save money when building two separate systems instead of purchasing everything separately which is why they make the perfect solution for anyone looking to build two gaming PCs or other machines. You’ll find several models available ranging in size, style, and overall support so make sure you narrow down your choices by checking out the recommendations above prior to making your next purchase.

Thank you for reading the article above. If you have any questions or would just like to leave a comment, feel free to do so below.

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